Our Committee Members

Irene Woon


Service Care Group &


Steven Goh


Founder & President

Amy Tay

Director,  Treasurer & Support Group Leader 

Evelyn Koh


Support Group Leader

Amy Lee


Home Maintenance

Cleaning Group Leader

Gan Kien Siong

Home Maintenance

Cleaning Group Leader

Anny Goh


Finance & Human Resource

(In Memory Of)

Eddie Tan

Team Leader For Guardian of Love Elderly Befriender Volunteer Team

who we are

Helping Joy Limited is a Singapore-registered charity organisation. We help the vulnerable in our society, such as physically and mentally challenged individuals, elderly persons and low income families, regardless of race, religion or language, by bringing a little joy into their lives. Our kind-hearted, fun-loving volunteers do this by:

​- Cleaning, washing and painting the homes for the physically and mentally challenged residents of our community.

- Befriending elderly residents who have no immediate family through visits and outings.

- Conducting monthly home maintenance and cleaning for the physically and mentally challenged residents of our community.

- Providing free tuition for underprivileged kids in our Helping Joy Centre.

- Providing free vegetarian food for low income individual/families.

- Providing free basic necessities and food rations to physically and mentally challenged individuals and low income families every month (Each bag of basic necessities and food rations is packed differently based on the recipient’s needs).

- Provides Final Journey Arrangement for the elderly without any immediate family or low income families when they passed on. 

Our History

Helping Joy began in 17th January 2012 when the founder, Steven Goh, thought about what he would do as a young, able-bodied man to make a difference. Together with a few friends and volunteers, he identified an unfulfilled need in the community: there were many individuals who, whether because of physical or mental disability, were living in cluttered, unhealthy conditions, and needed help to restore their homes to a healthy state.


And so the work began, one home at a time. Each home was cleared and cleaned and, if needed, maintained on a monthly basis. Steven’s unique blend of energy and appreciation for support led to a dynamic growth, both of community commitment to the cause and growing requests from the needy. Today Helping Joy continues to serve those with hoarding disorders and similar conditions within our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is for every physically & mentally challenged individual in our community to live with joy in a clean and comfortable home.

Our Mission Statement

Bringing joy and dignity to the lives of Singapore’s elderly and needy.

Our Kindness Ambassador - LYNN POH