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MajoR Cleaning, painting & Washing

Our team of volunteers help the physically and mentally-challenged elderly with no immediate family to declutter their homes. Providing them a clean, like-new home and basic furnitures to live in. Duration of volunteer work starts from 9am till 6pm on sunday.

Guardians of Love

Our teams of volunteers who befriend the elderly who stays alone, visit and bring them out for fun-filled outings every weekend. Duration of volunteer work starts from 10am till 1pm on sunday.

Monthly maintenance house cleaning

Houses that we did a facelift before, we have a team of angels to follow up and help to maintain the house for those physically and mentally challenged residents. Duration of volunteer work starts from 930am till 1pm on a sunday OR 2pm till 5pm on weekdays. Volunteer scope of work includes: simple household chores like sweeping, mopping, changing bedsheet etc...

Free Tuition FOR The Underprivileged Kids 
Free Vegetarian food on weekdays

The low income individual/families and elderly residing in the neighbouring blocks from the centre are provided free vegetarian lunch on weekdays.

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MONthly Free provision of basic necessities

Basic necessities and food rations are packed differently based on their needs and distribute to the individual/low income families. Duration of volunteer work starts from 2pm till 5pm on weekdays.

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